Summary of TMD Volume 1

 Chapter 1. Polygamy – The Fiction and the Facts.

Describes the teachings of the Church in eight specific areas of polygamy – all of which are evidenced as false. The truth of each aspect is detailed against these teachings:

  1. Polygamy was necessarily restored; when it was perfectly legal.
  2. When it became illegal, polygamy ceased to be practiced completely.
  3. Only 2% – 5% of members practiced the principle, which was restricted.
  4. To take an additional wife, permission of the Prophet was obtained.
  5. Prior agreement and blessing of a first wife was obtained by a husband.
  6. Ability to independently support each wife to be shown and maintained
  7. It was taught as revelation when restored and it was practiced openly.
  8. Like all other doctrine, it was plain, simple and consistent in its nature.

None of the above aspects that I was taught were actually true. It was complex. Smith made it up as he went along. For example, William Clayton wanted to marry Lydia Moon but he had already married two of her sisters, Ruth and Margaret, as his first and second wives. Smith told him God’s law was that you could only marry two women from any one family. The truth was that Smith wanted Lydia for himself. She refused Smith. As the practice continued, men were permitted to marry three women from one family, including mothers and daughters as well as sisters. It was anything but plain and nothing was consistent.

Chapter 2. The Treatment of Women in Polygamy

A tribute to the women who suffered so much through polygamy.

Chapter 3. Plural Marriage – From Monogamy to Polygamy

Smith was initially monogamous; his Book of Mormon explicitly forbids polygamy. He invented revelations stating monogamy the only approved form of marriage. Then he had his first affair.

Chapter 4. The Restoration of Polygamy – Or the Seduction of a 16-year-old Housemaid?

Smith committed adultery with his sixteen-year-old housekeeper, Fanny Alger. There is no record of a marriage between them but the Church assumes and claims a marriage must have occurred, as the evidence of his affair is conclusive. To overcome his problem, Joseph Smith invented polygamy. Unfortunately, it contradicted everything he had thus far written, preached and recorded as scripture.

Chapter 5. Young Polygamous Wives of Joseph Smith.

Review of a few of Smith’s wives and his methods of seduction, including ‘marrying’ and bedding a fourteen-year-old girl, with her parent’s permission. Sex for salvation was Smith’s game. Includes extracts from victims’ own diaries showing the conflict they went through in obedience to Smith and their God.

Chapter 6. Unrequited Love – The Threats and Recriminations.

Inevitably, if you proposition enough women, some are bound to say no. Evidences at least eighteen refusals to Smith’s advances. Highlights four specific example stories of how refusals elicited Smith’s threats and recriminations, which were real, rather than imagined. Should the women reveal details of Smith’s illicit advances, he would publicly accuse the innocent women of adultery to cover his own crimes.

Chapter 7. Polygamists Prior to the Death of Joseph Smith

A short chapter detailing which men were polygamists before Smith’s death, when it was still kept entirely secret, not just from the world, but also from almost all Church members. Smith constantly denied polygamy even existed, such that, after his death, his first wife Emma, could deny he practiced it and be believed by her children and the RLDS (Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – now Community of Christ).

Chapter 8. Polyandry.

Evidence, details and stories behind Joseph Smith’s polyandrous wives and their first husbands.

Chapter 9. Joseph Smith’s Polyandrous Wives

Covers details of four of Smith’s polyandrous wives who went on to polyandrously marry Young, who had about 55 wives, and Kimball, who had about 43 wives. Also exposes the children that two of these women had with Young and Kimball respectively, all the while remaining married to their first husbands. Full appendices provide details of all the marriages and children of Smith, Young and Kimball.

Chapter 10. Seven More Polyandrous Wives of Joseph Smith

Details and evidence of the other polyandrous wives of Joseph Smith.

Chapter 11. Brigham Young’s & Heber C. Kimball’s Polyandry

Analysis of polyandrous wives and sample details behind some of the marriages.

Chapter 12. Fanaticism in the Extreme.

Evidence of the extremes men went to under the dictatorship of Brigham Young. Young girls were ‘counselled’ to marry older men. Murder and emasculation were methods of persuasion regarding young men disobeying counsel and for members who violated their temple covenants.

Chapter 13. Mormon Bigamy in Practice – Stealing Other Men’s Wives.

Mormons believed that ‘gentile’ marriages were invalid in the sight of God. Thus they took whoever they wanted, married or not. This amounted, in law, to bigamy on the part of the women. Stories of two women acquired in this way, exposing the results of the duplicity, including murder, one of which was to become an underlying factor in the later Mountain Meadows Massacre which is covered in Volume 3 of this work.

Chapter 14. The Beginning of the End of Polygamy.

Covers the period from Brigham Young to the Manifesto of 1890. Further laws were passed against polygamy in 1862, 1874 and 1882 yet Prophet John Taylor (Prophet from 1880-1887) enforced the principle, making it mandatory for all leaders and any other men who expected to be exalted in the hereafter. The ‘law of vengeance’ is discussed. A modern prophet lies about details in interview with Larry King. Revelation through Prophet John Taylor that polygamy will never be given up. Details of how and why it was.

Chapter 15. Church Leaders’ Polygamous Children Post (1890) Manifesto.

Despite modern members believing the 1890 Manifesto was a revelation from God, it was just a ruse to get the government to release seized Church assets. The leaders expected the Saviour to return by 1891 anyway, so it made little difference to them. They secretly continued to permit polygamous marriages for a further two decades and the top fifteen men had over a hundred more children between them. A fully evidenced list of children, polygamous wives and dates included. They lied in the Senate hearings and yet confirmed the Book of Mormon specifically prohibits polygamy. As Prophet, Joseph F. Smith was convicted of the crime of illegal cohabitation as late as 1906.

Chapter 16. Remnants of Polygamy – Fundamentalism Today.

How and why there are tens of thousands of fundamentalist Mormons who still practice polygamy even today. Includes mention of how Ervil LeBaron and also Warren Jeffs fit into the picture. Whilst the Church distances itself from such people, their organisations mainly have their roots in mainstream Mormonism. It is an irony that there are possibly more fundamentalist Mormons in the United States today than there were in 1890 when the Manifesto was issued.


There are over 120 pages of appendices, including complete lists and analysis of all the wives and families of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball.