March 2009

I recently had a polite and interesting exchange of emails with an active member of the Mormon Church. One misconception he had was that authors such as myself write the material we do in order to make money. Just to clarify matters, very few authors make much of anything financially from their efforts. It’s a bit like being a recording artist. Very few make substantial returns. Most never ‘make it’ so to speak. In this ‘limited interest’ genre, no author is ever likely to recoup the costs of the time, research and publication of their work, nor in my experience is it their objective. Authors have to sell a great many books to actually gain financially and books on Church history do not exactly make any ‘best seller’ lists, even when written by more prominent authors. There is relatively little interest outside the community who have left the Church and those who are seriously questioning their faith.

It takes years of research to produce such work and in my case I doubt very much that I will ever get back even a small percentage of the costs I have incurred. The motivation (and I am sure this applies to most if not all others who write such material) is purely and simply a compulsion to publish the truth for those who seek it.

In my own case, it has been my therapy as I try to somehow come to terms with the awful truth that the things I accepted as real in my life were no more than a complete fabrication, established for the sole purpose of satisfying the appetites (money, power and women) of Joseph Smith. My hope is that one day, some of my family may find the courage to read my work, learn and accept the truth. I hope a few others may also benefit from my writing along the way.

To recoup the costs of three years of full time research and writing would require sales of many thousands of copies of my work. Realistically, some people may be surprised to learn; many books such as this, sell no more than a few dozen to perhaps a few hundred copies. Few get into the low thousands and none sell more than that. With just a few dollars per book in royalties, it is easy to calculate the amount an author may expect in return for his or her efforts. Please be assured that writers of Mormon history who expose the truth are motivated by anything but money.

Another interesting thing mentioned by this member was that he could accommodate the lies concerning early polygamy and also the lies after the Manifesto, accepting there really was a ‘greater good’ behind it all. This I simply cannot understand, but clearly he is not alone in his ability. This is not a measure of faith, it is evidence of a very deep seated delusional state. Personally, I could never have accommodated any such thing as a member of the Church and I hold Church leaders to the same standards ‘expected’ of rank and file members – i.e., Articles of Faith 12 & 13 – to say nothing of the standard I hold any God to, Mormon or otherwise.