Passive v. Aggressive Stances

Of course, for those who criticise sites such as The Mormon Delusion for exposing people to the truth, this is but a passive position; you don’t have to look, you know what it is about. It is unlike the Mormon Church’s more aggressive stance, taken every day of the week when it imposes uninvited upon people in the street, at their doors, by advertising and through the coercion of members endeavouring to introduce their friends and neighbours to Mormon missionaries. Most people are not generally seeking to be taught about Mormonism. Missionaries teach ‘investigators’ that anything they currently believe is wrong and actually stems from the adversary rather than God. Try telling a Mormon that about what they believe.

Information the Mormon Church provides to potential converts is very restricted, thoroughly sanitised, and much verifiable truth is hidden away because the fact is that most of it makes no sense and cannot, with the best will in the world, stand up to the remotest, even sympathetic, scrutiny, if put to the test. If you want to keep a testimony – don’t put it to the test – what you will find will shock and dismay, for the truth is out there – and today, it is only a few clicks away.

However, should it be discovered by some Mormons (such as myself) that the very basis of their belief was founded on a hoax, continued as a conspiracy and perpetuated by lies, then such evidence should at least be made readily available for study, so that anyone who has occasion to, will be able to access it and determine for themselves what they make of it. In my view, integrity demands this take place prior to joining the Church. It should be illegal for known fiction (i.e. falsifications) to be published as if it is the truth. I know more than most members seem to know about the truth and I appear to know more than some BYU professors, and from personal conversations, even some of the General Authorities, regarding some of the real historical aspects which they deliberately avoid, so I feel my opinion counts.

It is my opinion, after forty-three years of study, research and teaching of official Mormon doctrine and history, that all the things I could not account for, which made no logical sense (without a reliance on faith), are now readily explained. I am drawn to conclude, after studying many sources, full time, for six years, that there is so much evidence against historical Mormon Church claims, most of which stem from within its own falsified accounts, that no one exposed to the truth before considering joining would ever contemplate or even consider becoming a Mormon.

The irony is that whilst the Church teaches the ‘saints’ that they should not look outside the Church for information as it may be biased and unreliable and not given by the spirit, my analysis shows just the opposite. Having studied many actual historical records, it is a fundamental fact that much documentation by historians who publish material the Church would rather they didn’t, is actually highly accurate and unbiased; it is in fact well researched, fully substantiated and very compelling. Mormon Church historians get excommunicated when they write the truth, as ‘it is not helpful.’ The Church can then distance itself from them.

Conversely, official Church history, scripture and resource material is demonstrably highly questionable, much of it being fabricated. Church material is actually filled with many thousands of changes and falsifications through additions, deletions, deliberate omissions, and interpolation (if it isn’t suppressed), containing the very biases, inaccuracies and conspiratorial writings that many good non-Mormon and ex-Mormon writers as well as truthful Mormon Church historians are accused of by the Church. The Church would call this ‘clarification.’ The trouble is that far from clarifying anything, their alterations often change the very meaning and context of the original text, which in many cases were associated with ‘Thus saith the Lord’ and God is not supposed to get things wrong – or change His mind.

The habit of accusing so-called ‘enemies of the Church’ (who are usually Church members writing true history) of undermining the truth with lies, when it is actually the Church which has falsified its own records, reminds me of Joseph Smith who used similar tactics. When he was accurately accused of polygamy by someone, Smith would publicly deny he practiced it and equally publicly falsely accuse the person of adultery. Nothing changes in Mormonism. ‘Lying for the Lord’ is still alive and well. The question always is – would any God ever be involved with such people? (Occam’s Razor). It is a pity that modern Church leaders don’t have the integrity to come clean, correct everything, and face the truth, but then so much has been falsified, would there be any Mormons left if they did?

I believe the reason they don’t come clean is that the Church view is taken from a preconceived position which must be sustained as correct no matter what and must be protected at all costs, so everything must be made to fit that position even if it means perpetuating known lies. I expect many General Authorities today feel more than uncomfortable about the past, as well as the falsified history, but can see no way of doing anything about it without losing faith – and of course members. So they bury their heads in the sand and ignore the truth, presumably ‘for the greater good.’

A classic example of that is the reason the Book of Abraham is still canonised scripture. It is ludicrous to still claim it came from God but the Church chooses to ignore the evidence and say nothing, leaving apologists the impossible task of dreaming up nonsense so-called ‘plausible’ alternative solutions to what has become an unsolvable problem. It is absolutely outrageous to continue to claim something is of God when conclusive evidence proves otherwise. Everyone who has remotely studied all the facts is left in no doubt that Smith made it all up.

Non-Mormon historians simply look for and report the truth they find. Whether it helps or hinders any position, it is simply history. They question and then publish the results of their questioning. To date, I have found absolutely nothing that substantiates the Church’s overall position. Yet I have discovered more than I can take in, regarding evidence against the Church and of its conspiracy to deceive. That is why my research has extended to five volumes when I only started out, from idle curiosity, to discover how many wives Joseph Smith actually had. Who would have thought that it would have led to such a long and devastating journey?

There is no possibility of Joseph Smith remotely being a plausible choice for use by a God for any holy purpose. He simply does not qualify. He was positively and demonstrably evil. It then got even worse when Brigham Young got his hands on the reins of the Church. I find it amazing that the Church now manages to hide the truth of the past from members so well. What a way to run a Church; rewrite and falsify scripture and history and then teach members that they have the truth and anything outside it will be suspect. To even look outside the Church for answers shows a lack of faith, will possibly destroy a testimony, and could cost someone their eternal salvation. And yet, if someone has the courage to seek, they will find the awful truth – that they have been deceived – the evidence of that is conclusive and it is available in abundance.

Stay in the delusion and all will be well. I agree; it can be a ‘warm and fuzzy’ place to be. The only problem is, that is all it is; and millions of Mormons spend their lives chasing a rainbow that, unlike a simple faith in God, is provably just an illusion and the whole idea of Mormonism a cruel deception. Evidence provided in ‘The Mormon Delusion’ Volumes 1-5 proves that to be the case beyond any doubt.