May 2013

Last month, the web site ‘Mormon Think’ published an article by Grant Palmer – author of ‘An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins’. Palmer claims to have had regular meetings with a General Authority and a returned Mission President. Details are so bizarre that at first it is very hard to believe. In view of this, I took the time to verify, from a first hand reliable source who spent over an hour on the phone with Palmer, that Palmer does indeed claim to have had such meetings and confirmed that the details contained in the article represent an accurate version of Palmer’s understanding of genuine discussions. It seems to me that if the General Authority concerned with the purported ‘leak’ of such information is happy for it to be made public, he must be about to announce his defection from the fold, as surely a witch hunt will ensue and the ‘big fifteen’ should have no problem identifying the ‘traitor’. Whatever the truth may be, I am sure we have not heard the last of this story.

This is a short extract:

The General Authority “…said that each new member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is given one million dollars to take care of any financial obligations they have. This money gift allows them to fully focus on the ministry. He said that the overriding consideration of who is chosen is whether they are “church broke,” meaning, will they do whatever they are told. He said the senior six apostles make the agenda and do most of the talking. The junior six are told to observe, listen and learn and really only comment if they are asked. He said that it takes about two to three years before the new apostle discovers that the church is not true. He said it took Dieter F. Uchtdorf a little longer because he was an outsider. He said they privately talk among themselves and know the foundational claims of the restoration are not true, but continue on boldly “because the people need it,” meaning the people need the church. When the Mission President voiced skepticism and named ___ as one who surely did believe, The GA said: “No, he doesn’t.” The one million dollar gift, plus their totally obedient attitude makes it easy for them to go along when they find out the church is not true. For these reasons and others, he doesn’t expect any apostle to ever expose the truth about the foundational claims.”

The full note is located here: Three Meetings with a LDS General Authority, 2012-2013.


A new feature length documentary film, ‘Refusing My Religion’, is underway and may interest exMormons. Co-Director, Michael Dorian, contacted me during April about the project and I am happy to assist in promoting it. It features preachers who’ve renounced their faith and become atheist activists within the larger context of America’s declining religiosity. Michael confirms “…to date, we have seven NY Times best-selling authors in REFUSING MY RELIGION, many of whom are pre-eminent figures in the atheist movement, notably Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Susan Jacoby, Katherine Stewart, and Greg Epstein. We’ve also interviewed Dinesh D’Souza and several key voices from the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and interfaith communities.”

I posted some details on the TMD facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Below is a link to the trailer plus further details and links, for those who may be interested in the project.

Refusing my Religion.

Michael Dorian, NYS Director for American Atheists, Co-Director & Producer.

Marc Levine, Co-Director & Producer.

Film Facebook Page.

Refusing my Religion on Twitter

Refusing my Religion web site.


Following the successful launch of ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical in London, the Mormon Church has spent what must amount to millions on PR and advertising all over London, on the subways and the sides of London busses. It has created a UK ‘I’m a Mormon’ series web page and has also produced a supposed ‘News Report’ covering ‘reactions’ to the Church advertising.

There is little need for me to comment, as one person already commented as follows:

“People, please understand that the video accompanying the story is not an actual news report but a Public Relations piece put together by the Church. To make it appear as a news report is simply an attempt to manufacture credibility. The reason there are no negative comments is because they were left on the cutting room floor. Also note when the actor/anchor says that that since the campaign begun that interest in the Mormon Church has increased with articles in multiple newspapers, the articles shown are all about “The Book of Mormon” musical and not the church, but they fly by so quickly they are difficult to read. She also says the campaign is dispelling many misbeliefs about the church, but doesn’t say what any of them are. In 5:30 there is no mention of doctrine and very little mention of Jesus Christ except for in the name of the church. I do give the church props for conducting a very slick PR campaign, but please see this for what it is.”