August 2013

Just as the Mormon Church starts proselyting via the internet, a prominent ex Area Authority discovers the truth about Mormonism on line. This is what he says about his discoveries.

Methinks seeking converts online may just be a very bad move for the Church. A couple of extra clicks and boom – the truth pops up, rather than the Mormon fiction. In anticipation of this, the Church has actually designed its own search engine that filters out so-called anti-Mormon material, steering members away from the truth and exclusively toward the warm and fuzzy fiction it produces. What devious lengths the Church is resorting to, in order to obfuscate the evidence behind Joseph Smith’s hoax. For an organisation that supposedly prides itself on being able to withstand investigation, one has to ask why the Church deems it necessary to resort to such an underhand method of keeping members (and presumably investigators, directed by on-line missionaries), on the ‘faith in fiction’ track and away from evidence of the truth. If the Church is true as claimed, what do they have to be so afraid of?


Recognize the name Chad Hardy? He produced the infamous, but quite innocent, ‘Men on a Mission’ calendar, featuring returned missionaries, a few years ago – and for all the right reasons. Nevertheless, the Church excommunicated Chad and later revoked his degree from BYU as he was not a ‘member’ of the Church at the time of his graduation. This is his story.