January 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Following a whole year of issuing statements or ‘essays’, admitting to (and trying to excuse), lies and deceptions (which, of course, theologically, are sins) of the past, the Mormon Church has finally gone quiet – at least for the moment. When you consider the extraordinary self-imposed exposure of so much truth which had been hidden and even denied (and some still cleverly manipulated, even now), for so long – to the extent of excommunicating several historians who previously published similar evidence, it is clear that the admissions have been driven more by increasing pressure than by choice.

There is little left to say, other than that the truth (well, at least some of it), is now admitted and it will be up to members who discover it (and I suspect many won’t), to decide whether or not their testimony was based on a false premise. Mine most certainly was, so it could not have been any God who made me ‘feel’ things were true which are now admitted as not at all as first claimed or explained to me. So; my ethereal ‘verification’ of Mormon Church proclaimed ‘truth’ could only have been wishful thinking on my part. Of course, empirical evidence has also now proven everything the church still relies on, to be utter nonsense anyway (The ‘official’ First Vision story, Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, Book of Moses etc).

Whilst a few members will undoubtedly claim they already knew such things and that it doesn’t bother them, some seem to now be struggling with issues that ex-member family and friends have been trying to explain to them for years; and many have been devastated, their faith crushed beyond repair, and resignations appear more abundant than ever. As we enter 2015, there may well now be a new level of ‘admission’ about past lies, but the essays also verify the fact that members have indeed had the truth hidden from them and they have been bamboozled for a very long time. There is no excuse, theological or moral, and there can be no forgiveness for such duplicity. It is simply wrong and nothing can alter the fact that Mormonism was based on a pack of lies from the start. Truth will prevail (in light of empirical evidence), but you won’t find any truth (or even completely open honesty), within Mormonism. There is always more that is still hidden from members. I always claimed ‘fact trumps faith’, but now it is clear that if members take the time to study Church admitted truth, the real facts about Mormonism will completely and utterly destroy any faith they ever had in such conclusively proven nonsense. This sums up the reason for so many new Mormon essays…