Summary of The Bible Delusion


101 ‘Hang On A Minute’ Moments (HOAMS).

  1. In the Beginning.
  2. Adam Named ALL the Animals and Birds.
  3. Adam Baked Bread.
  4. God the Tailor.
  5. Shepherds and Farmers.
  6. Where Did All the People Come From?
  7. How Old?
  8. What Went Wrong?
  9. What Did You Say?
  10. The Story of Lot.
  11. Sarai (Sarah) is my Sister.
  12. Please Murder Your Son; Love, God.
  13. Jacob’s Con.
  14. God of Honesty and Integrity – or Deception and Cruelty?
  15. The Fable of Jacob’s Favourite Son – Joseph. (Part 1).
  16. Tamar Plays the Harlot.
  17. The Fable of Jacob’s Favourite Son – Joseph. (Part 2).
  18. Moses.
  19. Let My People Go.
  20. Manna from Heaven.
  21. Israel’s First Battle.
  22. Ten Commandments – and Then Some.
  23. The Ten Commandments – Revisited.
  24. The Book of the Covenant.
  25. The Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant – and Repetition.
  26. Use Fine Flour and Corn in Offerings.
  27. Get it Wrong – and You Die.
  28. God on Leprosy, Plagues and Bodily Issues.
  29. The Law of Jealousies.
  30. Where Did All This Stuff Come From?
  31. Quail (Numbers 11).
  32. Moses Calms God’s Anger (Again).
  33. There is No Water – Again.
  34. Seven Altars, Seven Oxen and Seven Rams – Times Three.
  35. Moses the Liar.
  36. Flying off the Handle.
  37. You Don’t Have to Go into Battle if…
  38. Jericho.
  39. When All Else Fails, Tell the Same Story – Over and Again.
  40. Don’t Gang Rape a Man – I’ll Give You a Woman Instead.
  41. Ruth (and other folk tales).
  42. God of Pointless Wars – Fought for No Apparent Reason.
  43. Why Didn’t God Have David and Bathsheba Killed?
  44. Pick a Punishment from God – Any One of Three.
  45. A Prophet Lies to a Man of God who is Killed for Believing.
  46. Holy Fire Kills Everyone – How Would Anyone Else Know?
  47. The Biggest Passover – Ever.
  48. Ha Satan – God’s Adversary.
  49. Hell – an Unknown Concept in Old Testament Times.
  50. We Will Get Our Own Back.
  51. Isaiah ‘Sees’ the Lord.
  52. Animals Will All Get Along Together.
  53. Isaiah – The Naked Prophet. 760 BCE.
  54. I Have Heard a Voice as of a Woman in Travail.
  55. The God of Israel is Always Angry with His People.
  56. Ezekiel – The Madness Continues.
  57. Bible Sequence – Out of Order.
  58. God Goes Dark.
  59. Who Wrote the New Testament?
  60. The Genealogy of Jesus – or at least Joseph and Mary.
  61. Herod Kills All the Baby Boys in Bethlehem.
  62. Jesus Fasted for Forty Days and Nights.
  63. The Beatitudes.
  64. Ask and It Shall Be Given You – Or Not, as the Case May Be.
  65. Jesus the Healer.
  66. The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand – but Just for Jews.
  67. Jesus Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword.
  68. Jesus – on Respect for Parents.
  69. Jesus Claims Isaiah’s Vision is Prophecy about Him.
  70. Many Thousands Listen to Jesus Speak.
  71. Walking on Water.
  72. Jesus Disqualifies Himself from Being the Son of God.
  73. Game of Thrones.
  74. How to Create and Fulfil Prophecy at the Same Time.
  75. More Retrospective Prophecy Fulfilment.
  76. The Fate of a Fig Tree.
  77. The Cruelty of Christ.
  78. How Did Anyone Ever Know This?
  79. Complete Lack of Consistency.
  80. The Potter’s Field Prophecy.
  81. The Mass Resurrection Claim.
  82. Gross Exaggeration Is Easy.
  83. Origin of the Doctrine of Transubstantiation.
  84. Impossible Recalling of Detailed Conversations.
  85. Inconsistent Myths and Legends.
  86. God’s Method of Apostle Selection.
  87. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.
  88. Who was Jesus?
  89. God Kills Herod for No Good Reason.
  90. Reverse Miracles and Long Speeches.
  91. To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?
  92. Lapses of Concentration.
  93. Paul’s Erroneous Teachings to the Romans.
  94. Did Jesus Survive the Crucifixion?
  95. Paul ‘Steals’ Morality for Christianity.
  96. No Rain for Three Years and Six Months.
  97. Revelation Is Not About What You May Think It’s About.
  98. The Nonsense Starts.
  99. God and his Father.
  100. Satan Will Be Released after a Thousand Years.
  101. The Invention of a New Religion.

Further chapters, analysing God’s mysterious ways.  

Covenants, Commandments and Punishments.
Murder and Genocide.
Patriarchy and Misogyny.
Wives, Concubines and Harlots.
Servants and Slavery.
Dietary Requirements.
Talking Animals.
God’s Miracles: Myths or Madness.
Contradictions, Anomalies and Anachronisms.
Earth – Flat and Square.
Jesus Casts Out Devils.
God’s Words Christians Tend to Ignore.
The Second Coming.


Appendix A. Out of Africa – The Real History of Human Migration.
Appendix B. The Invention of Satan, Lucifer or the Devil.
Appendix C. Circle of the Earth.
Appendix D. God the Fashion Designer.
Appendix E. Ezekiel 37.
Appendix F. Rain.
Appendix G. Other Gospels.