16 August 2009

A Second Edition of Volume 1 was published today following Jean Bodie’s meticulous efforts in proof reading and reviewing the First Edition of the book. The result is better flow and removal of some typos which should now make it a more enjoyable read. There is no material difference to the First Edition other than a few minor historical errors which have now been corrected, and the addition of a little information regarding Mormon temple work for deceased Fundamentalists. Added details appear under the ‘TMD Volume 1’ tab on my web site, so anyone who has the First Edition can review the additions to Chapter 16.


August 2009

During the last few months, I have had emails from several questioning Mormons who found answers in my work which confirmed their doubts. The stories and anguish are real and heart breaking. Also, it seems, whilst they come to know the truth, some are just not ready to face it and deal with it, for the sake of family relationships and in order to retain friends and a social circle. Some have indicated that they are working on an exit from the Church but are meanwhile first trying to gradually and gently help spouses and family members see the truth, while they will still listen, before they make a formal stand. This is very sensible and understandable. Others however, appear to ignore the truth and continue to hide in the delusion, as they want it to be true more than they want to accept the evidenced facts.

Those who do face and deal with the unwanted truth are brave and often suffer severe consequences as family and friends reject them as apostates. I dedicated my first volume to my first deceased wife and my mother, who would both have been devastated had they discovered the truth before they died. My second was dedicated to my children, two of whom rejected the gospel and live ‘normal’ lives, and six of whom are faithful Mormons who I doubt will ever read my work. The third book is dedicated to those brave people who not only discover the truth, but who then stand up and are counted, regardless of the consequences. This is the dedication:


This work is dedicated to those who once knew the joy of believing
beyond any doubt that they had found
within Mormonism, the one true religion
only to discover at some later stage they had been deceived.

To those who had to reluctantly face and deal with
the unwanted and at first unbelievable
but ultimately undeniable truth.

Many who discover the truth, consciously decide to ignore it,
reverting to their delusion for the supposed sake of family and friends;
crawling back into and hiding in the ‘Matrix of Mormonism’, ignoring reality.

To those brave people who acted on the truth;
experiencing the unimaginable suffering, trauma
and consequences, which affect relationships within family
and a circle of friends; standing up and being counted
for the sake of integrity –

I dedicate this work and wish them a speedy, effective and complete
recovery from Mormonism.