October 2014

“…we know that there was no death on this earth approximately 6000 years ago.” Mormon Chronicle (Citing: The Joseph Smith Foundation – July 2014).

Further to my notes of July 2014, this year’s Mormon ‘Adult Sunday School Manual’ included lessons confirming belief in a literal Adam and Eve and the biblical creation story –

Lesson 3. The Creation.

Lesson 4. Because of My Transgression My Eyes Are Opened.

– and also confirming belief that the biblical flood was a reality:

Lesson 6. Noah … Prepared an Ark.

The Joseph Smith Foundation has compiled and published confirmation of Mormon Church continued belief in creationism, a literal ‘Adam and Eve’, and outright claims from ten prophets and dozens of scriptures that there was ‘no death’ prior to 6,000 years ago in this article. Did dinosaurs die before the fall of Adam?

This lengthy compilation of so much Mormon nonsense, confirming ‘no death’ before Adam (6,000 years ago), finally places the Church at the point of no return, once and for all. Published by The Joseph Smith Foundation in July 2014, this self-condemning article comes at a time of unparalleled scientific understanding. It includes the following statement:

“…we know that there was no death on this earth approximately 6000 years ago. This is taught by the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and as mentioned by at least 10 Presidents of the Church in this last dispensation. All of these witnesses testify that the Darwinian assumptions claiming millions of years of natural selection on this earth prior to the Fall are false. But, say many, “We have determined that evolution is a fact and therefore the Prophets and the scriptures are in error. We need to leave these statements in the past. If we keep teaching a literal Fall, we will destroy faith.”

This is followed by a statement by Spencer W. Kimball (late twentieth-century prophet) which attempts to ‘anchor faith’ in the fairy tale. But it won’t – and they are right, it has indeed been “determined that evolution is a fact” – and ultimately it will quite rightly “destroy faith” in now proven Mormon fiction. “All of these witnesses testify…” is not evidence of fact; it is just evidence of a repeated meme, unfounded in reality – and nothing more. Note the phrase “Darwinian assumptions” which is designed to throw extreme doubt on evolution, in an age when it has been proven beyond all conceivable doubt. There then follows an outrageous statement that Darwin’s claims “are false”, without a single shred of evidence provided as to how or why this could possibly be the case. Evolution was not just a wild guess; it was a sound discovery, subsequently backed up by decades of further research by Darwin and many others. That research continues to this day when several different scientific disciplines have cohesively confirmed the facts over and over again.

Evolution has long since become fully fledged scientific theory, supported and substantiated by more evidence from more disciplines than any other theory ever discovered. To be a Mormon, you are now obliged to believe in proven fiction. You don’t have to ‘believe’ in science; you just have to understand it. That is the difference. The fact is that whilst Mormon Church claimed “Darwinian assumptions” have long been solidly proven scientific reality (and remember, the word ‘theory’, in science, means the ‘explanation’ of those facts – not ‘hypothesis’), ten prophets and all the scriptures were indeed entirely undeniably wrong and the Mormon Church has nothing left in defence of its continued outrageous deception.

Members must either knowingly willing have faith in obvious fiction or face the long proven facts. Take a trip down the Mormon rabbit hole with this article and then, if you haven’t already done so, walk away from the hoax and embrace the truth that science has so exquisitely provided. Such an abundance of similar ‘opinion’ from so-called scriptures and prophets does not prove creationism; it provides conclusive ‘evidence’ that a succession of false prophets just repeated the legends of the past (which themselves had their roots in the belief systems of earlier cultures), and that they were and are all absolutely ‘wrong.’ Ergo, the Church is founded on fiction rather than fact and cannot possibly be true – or led by ‘real’ prophets.

The article does prove one thing; they have all the evidence they need, yet Church leaders are deliberately perpetrating a conspiracy to deceive by perpetuating false claims – whilst zooming off to Church in vehicles propelled by fossil fuels derived from life forms that died many millions of years ago. The idea that there was no death before six-thousand years ago offends every related branch of science – not just evolution. It is way beyond delusion – it is the absolute epitome of Mormon madness. It is inconceivable that in the long term the Church can survive whilst continuing to promote proven fairy tales. New generations will be taught and understand the scientific truth and members will continue to vote with their feet. As I have always advocated, in the end, fact trumps faith.

It is ironic that the article doesn’t even address, let alone attempt to scientifically answer, the question in the title – “Did dinosaurs die before the fall of Adam?”  It is actually ignored, apart from the unsubstantiated ‘catch all’ claim – “…we know that there was no death on this earth approximately 6000 years ago.” The evidence, of course, conclusively proves otherwise.

Prior to this damning article condensing Mormon and biblical mentions of creationism, the late Prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, seemed unable (or unwilling) to even face the problem, as recorded by his grandson, Steve Benson:

“A local right-wing Mormon activist sent a letter of protest to my grandfather, complaining that my pro-evolution cartoons were a roadblock to God’s plan for returning constitutional control of the schools to his people. Unable to bring me to my senses, she implored him to silence me.

My grandfather gave me a call, asking for an explanation. I told him that so-called “scientific creationism” was nothing more than religion masquerading as science and that if Mormons, or anyone else, wanted to teach it in the public schools, they should confine it to a course on comparative religions. By way of information, I added that the official Mormon position on evolution had historically been neutral. He asked me to provide him with proof of that in writing, saying he would consider not only sending a reply to the Mormon complainer, but also think about making it available to inquiring church members in the form of an official public declaration. I did as he requested, but never heard back from him. Months later, I asked him about the status on the matter. He said the church had decided to do nothing, since publishing the facts would only cause more controversy.”

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