December 2011

Today, I am starting the final chapter of TMD Volume 5. In a couple of weeks, editing will begin and proof readers will take it all apart and I will start rewrites and put it back together in a more readable fashion. How strange it feels to have written five volumes about a hoax Church that I once considered the one true religion. As I look back on my journey, it is hard to believe I have come so far, discovered so much, and left so many behind – including so many friends and family that I loved so much. Christmas is not the same of course; not because I don’t believe in gods any longer, the festival is of pagan origin anyway and I just enjoy the season; but because my children and grandchildren will gather and I will not be invited as I am considered an evil influence.

I have often stated that truth and integrity are the most important things in life but sometimes the price of standing for that is high and it is hard to cope with the fallout. People are really the most important thing in life, and love really should be unconditional, but when family and friends reject you because you accidentally stumbled across the truth and they refuse to even consider the evidence, then what can you do but love them and leave them to their own devices?

I am grateful to everyone who has read my work and would wish all TMD readers everywhere a very Merry Christmas, and for those who may think that is no longer PC, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah – or just have a good break from work. As we are retired, every day is like Christmas these days, in that we can do what we like. It’s a lovely time of life and we are lucky enough to live in a quiet and peaceful area, close to beautiful countryside, woodland drives, several beaches and cliff walks. So, I write, and I try to explain exactly why the Mormon Church cannot possibly be true. When it all becomes too much to bear, we are ten minutes away from ‘getting away from it all’ and we can still be home in time for tea. Meanwhile ‘The Mormon Delusion, Volume 5’ concerns the Doctrine and Covenants and will be available in the spring. It will contain a number of things never before seen in any other writing.