The Mormon Delusion

The first volume of The Mormon Delusion became an essential project following my accidental discovery of hidden and falsified Mormon history which, when pressed, leading Church authorities could not explain or theologically justify to me. The Mormon Delusion is a series of books, exposing the truth behind the Mormon Church. In the first volume, we compare the reality of early Mormon polygamy with the fiction the Mormon Church teaches its members. Aspects portrayed as fact by the Mormon Church are exposed as entirely false. The reality concerning polygamy was a far cry from the way things are now portrayed.

Polygamy, which was completely illegal from the start, was initially hidden from members and the public alike. Lies and false scripture obscured the truth for almost two decades in the early Mormon Church, until the terrible truth was finally publicly announced in 1852. Thousands of members then left the fold. Until then, many Mormons had absolutely no idea polygamy actually existed. Many converts from the U.K. emigrated to Salt Lake City, accepting assurances from visiting Apostles (who themselves had many plural wives and children back home), that accusations about such things were entirely false. The apostles’ false claims were supported by equally false scripture, designed to deceive new converts. D&C 101 (since removed) claimed monogamy was the only approved form of marriage within Mormonism. Discovering the awful truth only upon arrival in the Salt Lake valley, many young women were obliged to enter the practice simply in order to survive.

I felt obligated to reveal the truth about polygamy (which in Mormonism is taken as polygyny) and more particularly, the little known practice of polyandry. Mormon Church leaders confirmed to me that polyandry is contrary to doctrine; yet I had discovered evidence that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball all participated in polyandry. As I undertook further research, so much hidden truth unfolded that I felt obliged to write, what turned into two further volumes, revealing the truth about everything. All that I have discovered, which is covered in these books, I learned three years after I had left the Church in 2003, after forty-three years of Mormonism.

Then, just as I thought there was no more to say, I came across the Mormon ‘Missionary Lesson Manual’ online and realised that no one has ever directly challenged the lies and deceptions the lessons contain. Volume four thus became an essential project for impartial investigators who are looking for the truth behind the hoax. In 2011, a review of the D&C led to volume five.

My work is a hard hitting, impassioned exposé of the truth behind the Mormon Church; from polygyny and little known polyandry, to every other aspect of the hoax that Joseph Smith created. These are not one sided, sugar coated books of Mormon fiction such as the Mormon Church now produces. They simply contain the pure unadulterated evidenced truth truth which the Mormon Church hides from its rank and file members, so they won’t ask any awkward questions for which there are no theological answers.


9 March 2012

A new video has been released by

I have carefully reviewed the “Top Ten Mormon Problems Explained” video and can confirm that it is historically accurate and factual in every respect, consistent in detail with my own independent research and findings. It is well worth any investigator or questioning member spending an hour and twenty one minutes on this to obtain the simple truth behind the lies perpetuated by the Mormon Church. This is a must see for those still seeking the reality behind the hoax perpetrated by Joseph Smith.

March 2012

I thought I would share a paragraph from an outstanding book recently reccomened by a friend. It was written by an English convert in the 1850’s and is on a par with ‘Tell it All’ by Fanny Stenhouse. I highly recommend this book. Google for PDF file sources.

“The post-office is in the hands of Brigham and his confederates, so that he knows the mind of every letter writer there. He was heard to say to the congregation, at the beginning of last year, “There are many of you who have written complaining letters to England; I know you all. Did you think I’d let them go I have nearly a wagon load full of them behind my house!” That is the way he gets his revelations. In the Journal of Discourses, vol. iii., he says, “Know ye not that I have my threads strung through all this Territory, so that I know what each man is doing?” Each faithful Saint is required to sign a deed of consecration, whereby he makes over to the Church, for ever, his houses, land, wives, children, and everything he possesses, so that when he leaves, he leaves alone. His effects are Church property. Salt Lake Valley is divided into wards, over each of which is placed a bishop, whose council forms a court of justice. The character of the people of Utah is what might be expected. ‘Brigham is the principal broker, brewer, and blackguard. Heber C. Kimball thus speaks of the Saints: “There are many of you here, who would cut my throat and Brigham’s too, if you dare.” Brigham says, “Rake all hell with a small-tooth comb, and you cannot find greater devils than the Elders in this city!” Of the bishops he says, “You old grey-headed know-nothings, you are doted; you are—shall I say, hard-shells No; you are poor old soft-shell fogies, that a few pounds of tea or sugar will buy.”— Journal, vol. iii., p. 241. They live by worrying each other.”

(Mr. Hawthornthwaite’s Adventures among the Mormons as an Elder, During the Last Eight Years. 1857. Published by the author in Manchester, England).