January 2016

The last year or two have seen the Church face real problems it is clearly not used to handling. A series of essays (some now grouped together by the Church here)┬áincludes a note that they have “…been approved by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles” in case anyone still wondered. Several admissions are made (although they still leave out some major issues), that have previously been vigorously denied. Most recently, decisions regarding the official Church response and attitude toward gays and offspring raised by gay couples have not gone down at all well with many members (see earlier posts).

With the Church stuck in the past, due to its outdated theological stance, and science adequately explaining the truth behind same sex attraction, the world (well, much of it), has moved on, with acceptance, compassion and understanding. The Church stance has been seen by many as anything but ‘Christian’, resulting in thousands more Mormons leaving the fold. The Church has become its own worst enemy in recent times and seems intent on putting final nails in its own coffin. When all is said and done, there is nothing left to actually ‘believe’ in any more. My experience recently has been that when questioned, many members seem to accept that things are not right and instead of ‘defending the faith’, now resort to saying that even if it is a hoax, it’s all they know; their way of life; and they just don’t want to change. For many, reasons for sticking with it have changed radically.