June 2010

For some reason, my work seems to have become more widely known and recognised than I ever imagined would be the case and I receive emails almost daily from people who have just read or who are currently reading my work, thanking me for the analytical style and rich content. Some people are newly questioning whilst others have been out of the Church for quite some time and adding to their library. Some are descended from early polygamous families and have paid a high price for leaving the fold. I am pleased that without exception, everyone who has read my books and then contacted me has felt my work to have been worthwhile.

Whilst I originally only set out to provide the apostles with evidence of Smith’s fraud and his polyandry, and then continued writing as a form of therapy when so much evidence of the conspiracy and lies continued to unfold, I did not at the time ever anticipate that it would ultimately lead to the publication of three volumes. Even then, as mentioned elsewhere on many occasions, I ultimately published my research in the hope that some of my children may one day find the courage to read my work and come to understand the truth. I hoped that along the way one or two others may also be helped in their quest for the truth. It now appears that my work is being appreciated across the world as people from different countries are reporting that they are finding accurate and fully evidenced answers to their questions about various aspects of the Church in my books. It is gratifying to be of help to those who are seeking the truth.