November 2015

Two new essays recently appeared on the Church web site under ‘Gospel Topics’. One concerns Joseph Smith’s teachings on the priesthood and temple – and how it relates to women. This appears to be in response to so much ‘agitation’ for women to be allowed the priesthood. It was not many years ago that Gordon B. Hinckley was asked in an interview if women would one day hold the priesthood. He responded that there was no agitation for it, almost suggesting that if there were, perhaps God would change his unchangeable mind about it. In the Church, women have always known their place. However, that is no longer the case and many now crave equality.

Church Essay: Joseph Smith’s Teachings About Priesthood, Temple and Women. 

The second essay concerns admission of Mormon belief in a mother in heaven. ‘Old timers’ will be more than familiar with the doctrine, as we always understood God to have many wives, as indeed all men who reach the Celestial kingdom will be required to have; but the concept seems to have taken a back seat in recent years – until now.

Church Essay: Mother in Heaven.

This is a Life After Ministry link to a large selection of Mormon based quotes regarding the practice and eternal reasons for polygamy.