April 2015

The following useful information was issued by MormonThink during March to allow questioning Mormon missionaries access to information they may otherwise not be able to obtain.

“Several missionaries have contacted MormonThink wanting to know more about the problematic issues of the Church. The problem is the ipads they use have restrictions put on them by the Church so they can only visit a handful of church-approved sites. They cannot visit sites like MormonThink.com or even youtube. However, FaceBook is freely available to them so we have made a FaceBook video version available of the popular ‘Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained’ video. It is in 5 parts as part of MormonThink’s FaceBook video list. Enjoy Elders and Sisters.”

You can start here and then click ‘next’ to view each segment.

Alternatively, as those reading this page will invariably not be Mormon missionaries, go to More Truth Foundation where each segment is listed separately, along with a good number of recommended web sites, dvds, podcasts, discussion sites, books and organisations.


“Organic evolution is destructive of faith in God. It is rebellion against him. Those who accept this pernicious doctrine cannot consistently believe in the fall of Adam. If they do not believe in the fall of Adam they cannot believe in Jesus Christ, for if Adam had not transgressed the law under which he was placed on this earth, there would have been no occasion for a redemption. How could Adam be redeemed from something that never happened.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Man, His Origin and Destiny, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1954: 279-280).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: science continues to confirm the truth, unabated. Indeed: “How could Adam be redeemed from something that never happened?” Think about it – take your time. Mystery of Darwin’s “Strange Animals” Solved.

Even more startling last month was the announcement, from a group of chemists, that “We now know how life began on Earth.” Don’t you just love science! Always be prepared to adjust your worldview based on new evidence.