September 2009

I have recently received a number of very kind, complimentary and personal emails from people who have read and appreciated my work. The stories are always similar, sharing empathy and explaining their own pain at the discovery of the truth about the Mormon Church. Invariably, readers had concluded the Church could not be true before they read my books and in my work they found some final and conclusive evidence as to why. I am very grateful for the emails – for the empathy and the thoughts. I wrote my books as a form of therapy following my devastating discovery of the truth the Church conspires to hide from members. I hoped that some of my children who are active Mormons may one day find the courage to read my work. I also hoped it might help others in their discovery of the truth and it is extremely gratifying to learn that it has begun to do so. Thank you to those who have written to me expressing such kindness. I have individually replied.