April 2010

I don’t post much to ex-Mormon bulletin boards these days but during March I was intrigued by the discovery that Mormon apologists have effectively, for once, attacked the Church rather than its detractors over an issue that seems completely pointless and does nothing to support the Church or its leaders and everything to discredit it and them respectively. This was achieved by their claim that the heading to a chapter in the Book of Mormon is in fact misleading and that the Nephites did not actually have ‘coins’ as such after all. As everyone I knew in the Church had always, along with me, believed and accepted what our leaders had stated in writing in the header which ‘explained’ the BOM text, I wondered what on earth they were trying to achieve. I had also written about Nephite coins in TMD Volume 2, so I took the time to write and post an article on some Ex-Mormon web sites about the apologists’ attack, which they conveniently posted as a video on You tube, the link for which is available in my article. The resulting article, along with an extract from TMD Vol. 2 relative to ‘Nephite Coins’ is now available here.