March 2011

I am pleased to report that sales of all volumes of my work continue to increase. Whilst I don’t ever expect to become a ‘best seller’ of any description, it is most gratifying that so many people seem to not only be buying my books, but that they often take the time to let me know how much they enjoyed them. It has been quite an unexpected pleasure, as when I published Volume 1 in 2009, I only expected to sell about a dozen copies! Thank you to everyone who has not only read my work but for recommending it to others. Word of mouth has been the key element in sales.

For the first time in two years, since the launch of this web site, when I mentioned the polite exchange I had with an active member (see March 2009 below), I have had a message (on facebook – so it may not be associated with this site) from someone I don’t know; clearly an active Mormon, who doesn’t begin to understand what people go through when they discover the truth and leave the Church. We have all seen these stereotypical messages before and it amazes me just how strikingly similar they all are. Whilst he is completely ignorant about my work – both content and purpose – he is obviously just as sincere as he is deluded, so I tried to explain things as best as I could.

This was his message:

you really need to get a life! i mean seriously, if you dont believe in this religion then why do you waste your time earnestly trying to disprove it. i mean the effort you go through. jim you obviously have been a member before, what is it that has got you so emotionally attached to this religion? maybe you’ve taken offense from a member, disagreed with a church principle or perhaps lost a love one, all obvious triggers which bring the weak to crumble in pride, arrogance or disappear.

whatever it is you all need to do something with your life. if you don’t believe in the gospel then thats fine, but i believe and have the right to believe that you are rejecting the one thing that can bring you true happiness, you are fighting against the one thing you know to be true!

if a church member has offended you forgive him as the church directs, its not the church who has offended you its the person. if its a principle just think all shall be revealed in the next life. if its a loss in the family, think of the disappointment they may be suffering as they see you destroy nothing but yourself.

god wants you to be happy! because i know that you are not! i really do feel sorry for you 😦

This was my attempt at a conciliatory reply:

Do I know you Jack? I don’t understand why you are addressing me. I also have no idea how you came across me if you are an active member. My web site and my books all have risk warnings, so active members who wish to remain faithful do not read my work – which is not aimed at nor intended for such people. Likewise, I do now have a facebook page for my work at the request of readers but the topic is clear and members should avoid it. I do not approach nor argue with members – I respect their position and do not intend for them to be affected by my findings unless they choose to investigate the truth. As you have approached me – for whatever reason, I will at least explain the position as you have clearly not read any of my books or my web site.

Indeed, I was a member for forty-three years and held many Ward, Stake and Regional callings. I ultimately left the Church in March 2003 for no other reason than I could not hold to a belief in God. It was something I had always subconsciously struggled with and it was my problem and mine alone. For the next three years I just tried to get on with my life and – as you suggest should be the case, I simply left the Church behind and I also left it alone. It never even occurred to me to look at why the Church may not be true.

Then in March 2006, I quite accidentally stumbled across conclusive evidence that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball, if not others, all participated in things which friends in the Quorum of Twelve confirmed to me personally were completely contrary to doctrine. They could neither justify nor theologically explain the position but admitted to the evidence. That devastating discovery led to almost five years full time research which uncovered a pattern of lies and deception concerning every aspect of the Church from the beginning – falsified scripture, falsified Church history and a conspiracy to deceive members from the start. This is all in my books; it is not opinion and it is not supposition. It is conclusive evidence from inside the Church which modern day apostles cannot deny yet cannot justify or explain. I will not mention any actual evidence to you as my intention was never to destroy the testimony of the faithful. I published my work in the hope that one day some of my active children may find the courage to read it and also when I discovered that there are tens of thousands of people like me who discover the awful truth about the Church each year and feel they have to resign for the sake of integrity. These people simply seek details regarding the underlying evidence against the hoax that Smith perpetrated and which is still perpetuated today. It is as simple as that. My work is analytical and I am well read and respected by people in the ever growing exMormon community.

As a member, you will have no idea of the grief someone feels when they come to know for a fact through documented evidence that Smith was a fraud. It is devastating and something not easily faced or dealt with. It is not something people want. Many of us lose family and friends, who like you mistakenly believe we have been offended or that we must have sinned in some way. I want you to imagine for a moment – if you felt that you knew for an absolute fact, just as much as you feel it is true, that the Church was false – what would you do? Pretend and stay – or face and deal with what for you was the awful truth that you had been wrong? Many people have that decision to face and it is not out of choice, it is neither easy nor pleasant. It is devastating and destroying. It takes a huge amount of courage, it takes strength and it takes integrity. It costs more than you could ever imagine. Please try to understand that.

The devastating truth is that the things we took to the Lord in prayer, from which we perceived we gained our testimony, are demonstrably false – ergo, no God could possibly confirm them true. It was all a delusion, it is as simple as that. I am sure each of us would rather that it not be the case but unfortunately it is. So – there we are. I hope that answers your question. As a faithful member, you should have avoided my web site and my books – they are not for you, unless you have already had your own epiphany and suspect there is something wrong. If that ever becomes the case then you will find all the answers to your questions in the four volumes I have published. If not, then stay well away. I do not advertise to members and you should not be bothering with the likes of me. I am sorry you misunderstood the position. Keep your testimony and go on your way unharmed.