12 January 2011

TMD Volume 4 was published today. Full details appear on my website. My grateful thanks to everyone who supported and encourged me throughout the journey.


January 2011

We almost completed Volume 4 editing and proof reading in December; there are just a couple of chapters and the appendices to go. Hopefully, publication will happen on schedule later in January. Meanwhile, regarding the ongoing investigation into the Mormon Church by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) here in the U.K., regarding their attitude to the DPA (Data Protection Act) they have now instructed the Church to explain itself to them and also to comply with my friend’s request for documents to which he is entitled under U.K. law. Please see my comments on this issue under ‘October 2010’. I have added the story to the Preface of TMD Volume 4, along with the following paragraph.

As I write this added paragraph (January 2011), the ongoing investigation into Mormon Church non-compliance in respect of the DPA by the ICO on my friend’s behalf is now starting to bite. The ICO does not pursue cases that they do not consider a breach of law. The ICO has confirmed that Church leaders are being asked to explain themselves to the ICO; to provide my friend with the information he requested and to address his request as a matter of priority. The letter that my friend received from the ICO indicated that if the Mormon Church in England really does have no control over the data asked for, then their breach is even more serious, considering the EU contractual clauses that they entered into. The Church has been instructed to comply.