February 2011

January saw the successful publication of TMD Volume 4. 2010 was a long year in respect of research and writing the manuscript followed by the lengthy process of editing and proof reading undertaken by my good friends, Jean Bodie and John Bleazard. The book was finally released on schedule in January 2011 and has been an immediate success. Although the books will not appear on Amazon et al for several weeks while they make their way through the distribution channels, purchases direct from the publisher at TMD Lulu bookstore have been very encouraging. Luckily, the discount facility that Lulu now allows authors has made it possible to offer lower prices than will generally be available elsewhere. I have decided to retain the current offers for the foreseeable future. After less than three weeks, Volume 4 hardback and paperback versions are both already in the top 37% of sales in Lulu’s extensive catalogue of over two-hundred-and-sixteen-thousand titles.

Meanwhile, Volumes 1 and 2 paperback versions are now in the top 10% of Lulu sales. Volume 1 hardback is in the top 11%; Volume 3 paperback in the top 12%; Volume 3 hardback in the top 16%; Volume 2 hardback in the top 17%. Many people are now purchasing the new eBook versions which of course add to overall sales but count separately. Nevertheless, eBook versions of all four volumes, after only three weeks of availability are already climbing the Lulu ladder and Volumes 1-3 are between 71% and 80% whilst Volume 4 is already at 64%.

I deeply appreciate all the support and comments from readers and am glad my work is being read by so many people. Considering it is mainly by word of mouth, as no real advertising has been undertaken, it is quite remarkable that sales are climbing and people around the world are finding my books. Please feel free to leave ratings and reviews. I get many encouraging emails and private comments but reviews are few and far between.

Just to update the situation regarding “The ICO v. The Mormon Church”, the latest development is that Church lawyers responded to the ICO in January stating that irrespective of the ICO explanation to the Church and their instruction to the Church to comply, it is still their view that as the data was sent to SLC, it is out of their control and jurisdiction, so they don’t have to provide copies. The ICO already advised the Church that this is not the case and instructed them to comply. So, the Church is still wasting huge amounts of tithing money on lawyers rather than just sending a few pieces of paper from SLC to the UK in compliance with UK and European law. The ICO is now considering its response. The case continues…

For anyone who had an interest in my friend Vernon’s case where the Church excommunicated him even though he had never disobeyed a single Church commandment, please see my Later update in the July 2010 post.